Thursday, October 16, 2014

My personal narrative.

                                                My last clogging Competition(My personal narrative)

     I was not excited for this competition. I knew this would be my last one, but at that time I didn't know why. another reason I was not excited for it was because lately I wasn't doing well at clogging I would forget parts go to fast or to slow start on the wrong foot mix up step. so I knew this wasn't gonna be a good competition for me.
  During the whole drive I was thinking about how I can remember steps,how to start on the right foot. My mom was also telling me to practice the steps in my head so I don't forget.
when we got there then I was a little late.I hurried and put on my costume and makeup then went and found my team. When I found my team we practiced solos and our team dances then we waited.
  When we got on stage for our dance I was thinking don't mess up, don't forget the steps then right as the music started I started to fast then I was to slow and got behind when we got to the chorus I started on the wrong foot I was mad at myself I knew what foot to starts on and I still started on the wrong foot. for the rest of the dance I was behind and on the wrong foot.
after the dance was over than I quickly changed for solos. I practiced my solos. and then I went on stage. The only solos I knew well I tradition. On all the solos except traditional the I knew I did as good as I should've and wasn't going to get to compete at the next competition. On traditional then I thought I would get to go to the next competition.
  After solos I changed into my next costume. this costume was for our next team dance I was nervous for this one a lot because I messed up a lot in rehearsal. We got on stage and started and I forgot the whole line so I did improve pretty sucked.
after that dance some of my team member's where crying because our team dances didn't make it to state. I just shrugged and told my mom. even though the team dances didn't make it to state It didn't bug me at all.
  Before we left we found out all the scores for 3 of my solos.  2nd place on all of them. I was worried to see what I got on the last 2. I was very nervous to find out my scores.
  We went shopping at "Cost Co". At the store I was asking my mom to check to see if al my scores where up yet. Then after shopping we went to eat at "5 Guys". While we ate then I was still asking my mom to check my scores.
  When we got home my mom checked the scores again and on all of my solos I got 2nd place and on our dances we got 2nd. latter that week I found out that all of my team member made it to state for solos except me and one girl who didn't compete. I was gonna go to another competition in Utah to try and qualify again to for state but the money I was saving up wasn't enough.
in  the end I was sad I didn't make it to state but it didn't bug me that much.

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  1. Isabelle, the judging was RIGGED. I woke up at 5 to practice, and new every line, and I still got 4 seconds, and one 3rd. You did great. The judges don't know dedication and perfection when they see it.