Monday, December 1, 2014

Secrets Unknown

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My personal narrative.

                                                My last clogging Competition(My personal narrative)

     I was not excited for this competition. I knew this would be my last one, but at that time I didn't know why. another reason I was not excited for it was because lately I wasn't doing well at clogging I would forget parts go to fast or to slow start on the wrong foot mix up step. so I knew this wasn't gonna be a good competition for me.
  During the whole drive I was thinking about how I can remember steps,how to start on the right foot. My mom was also telling me to practice the steps in my head so I don't forget.
when we got there then I was a little late.I hurried and put on my costume and makeup then went and found my team. When I found my team we practiced solos and our team dances then we waited.
  When we got on stage for our dance I was thinking don't mess up, don't forget the steps then right as the music started I started to fast then I was to slow and got behind when we got to the chorus I started on the wrong foot I was mad at myself I knew what foot to starts on and I still started on the wrong foot. for the rest of the dance I was behind and on the wrong foot.
after the dance was over than I quickly changed for solos. I practiced my solos. and then I went on stage. The only solos I knew well I tradition. On all the solos except traditional the I knew I did as good as I should've and wasn't going to get to compete at the next competition. On traditional then I thought I would get to go to the next competition.
  After solos I changed into my next costume. this costume was for our next team dance I was nervous for this one a lot because I messed up a lot in rehearsal. We got on stage and started and I forgot the whole line so I did improve pretty sucked.
after that dance some of my team member's where crying because our team dances didn't make it to state. I just shrugged and told my mom. even though the team dances didn't make it to state It didn't bug me at all.
  Before we left we found out all the scores for 3 of my solos.  2nd place on all of them. I was worried to see what I got on the last 2. I was very nervous to find out my scores.
  We went shopping at "Cost Co". At the store I was asking my mom to check to see if al my scores where up yet. Then after shopping we went to eat at "5 Guys". While we ate then I was still asking my mom to check my scores.
  When we got home my mom checked the scores again and on all of my solos I got 2nd place and on our dances we got 2nd. latter that week I found out that all of my team member made it to state for solos except me and one girl who didn't compete. I was gonna go to another competition in Utah to try and qualify again to for state but the money I was saving up wasn't enough.
in  the end I was sad I didn't make it to state but it didn't bug me that much.

Friday, February 21, 2014

My fake complaint letter (One of my school assignment's.)

Dear Clean Sock's Department,

 I ordered a pair or ''Fresh and Crisp'' white socks which were half of. The shipping cost nothing and I paid $1.00. My package got delayed for 3 weeks. When I finally got the package then I opened it and you had charged me $13.00 for one pair.
  I looked inside the box and I saw that they were ''Shay Carl Argyle'' socks. I did not even order these.  It makes me quite mad that after having it been 3 weeks late then you charge me extra and also mess up my order.
  I would like to get a full refund, or I would like to get my socks that I ordered free of charge. I hope you understand my problem.

Isabelle Tower

My character sketch.(one of my school assigments)

My character sketch is about Priscilla the great.

    Priscilla is a ordinary teen girl,or is she? Priscilla has powers that make it so she can shoot fire out of her hand and she has super hearing. Her mom was a normal person once but got turned into a mutant. Her dad was a guard there and he set her free and the got married. Priscilla warmed up her bath as hot as she liked and  could warm up her food when it got cold.
   The only person she told at first was her best friend Taiana who tried to find a explanation but cant.
    When Priscilla finds out that her mom has powers too she is happy yet mad.She is mad because her mom has not been here for her when she she needs to be and her mom has not been working but saving other specimens from the experiment.
   Priscilla is kidnaped by the professer who changed her mom Priscilla is super strong too, when her dad tries to save her she kicks him in the leg and breaks his leg. She can read peoples minds, and has Telepathy. In the end Priscilla has to move and Specimen XI is out to get her.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Hoax.

The Hoax a short story by Isabelle Tower.
    Sara Custard had just woken up for school. Sara choose her outfit skinny jean's, a white long sleeve shirt with a orange tee shirt on top, and some new black high top's. Then, she went to curl her long Auburn hair.
    Sara went to meet her best friends Delaney and Skylar. Skylar was there she said, "Delaney is sick so she wont be at school apparently. Oh, I also have a new case. It's in your house, it was a MURDER." Sara felt chills climbing up her back.
    After school Sara and Skylar went to the tree house to talk. "Are you sure it was in my house '' asked Sara, ''Would I joke around with a case like this?'' said Skylar.............., '' no .... no you would not.'' Sara said. ''Let's go the Library to see if we can find some clues.'' Sara said.
    When Sara and Skylar got to the Library the went to the old news paper selection. Then, Sara spotted her big sister Bree, '' HI, BREE IT ME YOUR LITTLE SISTER SARA. HI, I AM RIGHT HERE. HELLO?!!!!!!!''Sara yelled, "SHHHHHHHHH, Sara I don't want my friends to know your my sister. So, Just be quiet." Whispered Bree. '' Oh sorry.'' Sara Whispered back. '' Hey I found something.'' said Skylar What, what is it. Sara replied, ''Its its its................. my bubble gum I lost here last year!!'' Skylar happily said. '' That's umm great I guess.'' said Sara ''and this news paper article.'' Let me see it NOW'' Sara said....... LOCAL TEEN MURDER IS IT A HOSALLY ROXS ''Nooooooo Sally Bottom colored on the paper.'' said Sara
 When Sara got home her neighbor Mr.Kalely had just gotten home from work. He was a police officer. Sara said '' Hi, Officer Kalely, do you know any thing about the holly house murder case by any chance?'' '' That's none of you business. Stay out of it.'' He said. Sara could not stop thinking about it. She just had to find out what happed.
  That night Sara snuck out of her room she just had to find what happened. she went past the mail stop, and in to the open door of the police station. '' why is there door not locked hmmm. thought Sara she looked through police reports '' no.. no.. ewww.. no.. YES'' Sara yelled  The Holly House Murder Results........................... HOAX. The paper said it was a HOAX ''Ugh why at 2:30 in the morning is a case fake why. That makes me so mad. Well I'd  better go home.''Sara said.
                                                              THE END! 

JB gone for good? (My Editorial.)

Justin Bieber
JB retiring for ever?
   Justin Bieber may be gone for good he recently tweeted to all his fans, ''My beloved Beliebers I'm officially retiring...The media talks a lot about me. They make up a lot of lies and want me to fail, but I'm never leaving you, being a Belieber is a lifestyle," he wrote. "Be kind to each other, forgive each other as God forgave us through Christ. Merry Christmas. I'M HERE FOREVER." JB tweeted that on the 25 of December, what a sweet gift JB.
  Recent rumor's have been going around that someone Hacked his account. A good chunk of people think that it is a publicity stunt to get more people to like JB and to take down the haters. People think that JB is just lying that's what I think.
  I think JB should leave forever not because I am a hater but because his most recent music videos are not for children. They are very inappropriate the lyrics and videos, most of his fans are ages 6-13 that I believe that it is wrong to make song that are inappropriate when you know young kids listen and watch this stuff. I think JB should be gone for good what do you think?                                                                                                   

Millie's tough Day

A short story by Buddy Tower Isabelle's Little brother.

  Once upon a time a cat named Millie. she is black, and white, and orange. She got on the tredmill. she fell off. she tries she said ''I want a nap.'' she goes in the storage room we let her out.

                                             THE END!!!!!!!

Why you should give more to the community

  In your community do you see some things that don't look nice? Your old library is falling apart or is there trash in the park. In the summer one day I saw a lot full of trash. Later that day I was there with some friends and we picked up some of the trash. In my community  I helped host a 5k run for the library. It took us 2 months to plan. 50 people came, a good amount of them were kids.
 My school the Idaho Virtual Academy donated some money to buy pizza for the runners. We raised a lot of money. We ran around 30 blocks, and when we got to the library we got chocolate milk, pizza, and the kids that ran got to pick a free book. It took a lot of free time, effort, and planning to make it work. It turned out perfectly.
   If everybody in your community just left trash every where and didn't take care of any thing then in 10-15 years that community would be a trash sea and young kids would die of bacteria and, diseases. It would not be happy. In 20 years that community would just be a dump for more garbage. In one day a average American can use up to 10 pounds of plastic. The average American family produces about 8,000 pound of trash a year.
   I don't want that to happen to my community, so, I try to help as much as I can. At the park I pick up trash. I help with fund raisers so old buildings wont come crumbling down. If that happened it would take a long time to clean that up. What if a child was standing right under the old building? The child would die if the building fell on them. So just do more for you community to solve problems, and just to get that nice feeling in you tummy.