Friday, February 21, 2014

My fake complaint letter (One of my school assignment's.)

Dear Clean Sock's Department,

 I ordered a pair or ''Fresh and Crisp'' white socks which were half of. The shipping cost nothing and I paid $1.00. My package got delayed for 3 weeks. When I finally got the package then I opened it and you had charged me $13.00 for one pair.
  I looked inside the box and I saw that they were ''Shay Carl Argyle'' socks. I did not even order these.  It makes me quite mad that after having it been 3 weeks late then you charge me extra and also mess up my order.
  I would like to get a full refund, or I would like to get my socks that I ordered free of charge. I hope you understand my problem.

Isabelle Tower


  1. You are very good at complaining! (just kidding) I hope we can get together soon!