Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello Friends

hey guys, it's Isabelle. well this is kind of awkward haven't posted in a really long time and all my posts suck. I'm back,did you guys miss me oh wait of course you did because I'm the bomb!well while you've been gone I've started Public School. it's very interesting. I had my dad cut the ends off my braids that was a really bad idea never do that just don't do anything I would you because I do stupid things. I'm in the school musical,it's Aladdin jr. I'm a harem girl. I get a hug Aladdin I'm a harem girland I sing about how I think he's rather tasty. let's see what else has happened in my life so far... Oh I'm starting track. I'm probably going to start gymnastics to, I want to do cheerleading. I also broke my phone and now I have a new one which is like gold man. I have a lot of friends I guess that you could say. I got a lot of parties... With my stuffed animals and Netflix it's pretty great.oh I made All-State choir so I did that in February it was okay... I also found out I'm allergic to all tropical fruit. I also made one of my friends carry my backpack around during 4th hour and after school until I left my bust he was really nice and he actually did it. I got a dancing sock monkey from one of my best friends for Christmas. I watched a lot of Disney movies, Disney movies are amazing.oh I like fall a lotbut I don't call it falling I call it the floor just really needed a hug like it was like in a midlife crisis and I just needed to be there for the floor make a right at that moment where it was super awkward and it just like it was spontaneous. well, I kinda bored now so I'll just write a blog posts that's more meaningful and ya later bye friends!

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