Sunday, May 1, 2016

Think about this.

So, the other day I was babysitting while my parents were at there show. It was around 9:40 and I got a phone call and so I answered figuring it was my parents from the theater. It wasn't it was this guys voice.. I can't really explain how he sounded other than like Joker from BatMan only less rough. The guy basically said he liked me but he couldn't tell me who he was , he knew partly what I looked like and he insulted the way I walk by saying it was manlyish and he said we would work on that, I then replied with Im going to report this number to the cops, he said he would reveal himself the next day and he would see me during lunch. I hung up and called my mom freaking out. I told her what happed and she and my dad got a cop to watch the house until they got home. Now when they got home they took my phone tried calling the guy a couple times, he didn't answer of course. It was a spoof call meaning the guy just typed in a random number which happened to be mine and then called my number in hope of scaring the crap out of me, which worked. Its also illegal as well. It's harassment and possibly even stalking. I've always heard of these things happening to others but I never thought it could happen to me just seeing as my dad is a cop and my mom is in the same work range. I'm speaking out from my experience to let others know it's not okay, and it really is scary. Some people may see the situation as a funny harmless joke and think Im over reacting when really its not. Its a crime and its scary. Put yourself in my situation, I'm home alone all my brothers are asleep my parents are about 45 minutes away its at night and Im only 13, I get a creepy phone call where the guy knows kinda what I look like and describes how I actually act in a way and says he'll see me the next day! That's scary, with my parents job I hear a lot of things like this where the kid ends up getting kidnapped and in some cases killed. Now you guys again that's usually not the case but you never know. I wasn't sure if some one could be at my door in my house looking into my house or anything like that. What people do is not okay, its scary and horrible. They actually think scaring a teenage girl is fun. that's messed up. With the call I got I most likely have never met the person who called, but it could have been a kid from my school who got my number or something, but that still doesn't make it okay at all! Before you prank call someone thinking it will be funny, think about if it could scare or hurt someone.

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