Friday, January 10, 2014

Why you should give more to the community

  In your community do you see some things that don't look nice? Your old library is falling apart or is there trash in the park. In the summer one day I saw a lot full of trash. Later that day I was there with some friends and we picked up some of the trash. In my community  I helped host a 5k run for the library. It took us 2 months to plan. 50 people came, a good amount of them were kids.
 My school the Idaho Virtual Academy donated some money to buy pizza for the runners. We raised a lot of money. We ran around 30 blocks, and when we got to the library we got chocolate milk, pizza, and the kids that ran got to pick a free book. It took a lot of free time, effort, and planning to make it work. It turned out perfectly.
   If everybody in your community just left trash every where and didn't take care of any thing then in 10-15 years that community would be a trash sea and young kids would die of bacteria and, diseases. It would not be happy. In 20 years that community would just be a dump for more garbage. In one day a average American can use up to 10 pounds of plastic. The average American family produces about 8,000 pound of trash a year.
   I don't want that to happen to my community, so, I try to help as much as I can. At the park I pick up trash. I help with fund raisers so old buildings wont come crumbling down. If that happened it would take a long time to clean that up. What if a child was standing right under the old building? The child would die if the building fell on them. So just do more for you community to solve problems, and just to get that nice feeling in you tummy.

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