Friday, January 10, 2014

The Hoax.

The Hoax a short story by Isabelle Tower.
    Sara Custard had just woken up for school. Sara choose her outfit skinny jean's, a white long sleeve shirt with a orange tee shirt on top, and some new black high top's. Then, she went to curl her long Auburn hair.
    Sara went to meet her best friends Delaney and Skylar. Skylar was there she said, "Delaney is sick so she wont be at school apparently. Oh, I also have a new case. It's in your house, it was a MURDER." Sara felt chills climbing up her back.
    After school Sara and Skylar went to the tree house to talk. "Are you sure it was in my house '' asked Sara, ''Would I joke around with a case like this?'' said Skylar.............., '' no .... no you would not.'' Sara said. ''Let's go the Library to see if we can find some clues.'' Sara said.
    When Sara and Skylar got to the Library the went to the old news paper selection. Then, Sara spotted her big sister Bree, '' HI, BREE IT ME YOUR LITTLE SISTER SARA. HI, I AM RIGHT HERE. HELLO?!!!!!!!''Sara yelled, "SHHHHHHHHH, Sara I don't want my friends to know your my sister. So, Just be quiet." Whispered Bree. '' Oh sorry.'' Sara Whispered back. '' Hey I found something.'' said Skylar What, what is it. Sara replied, ''Its its its................. my bubble gum I lost here last year!!'' Skylar happily said. '' That's umm great I guess.'' said Sara ''and this news paper article.'' Let me see it NOW'' Sara said....... LOCAL TEEN MURDER IS IT A HOSALLY ROXS ''Nooooooo Sally Bottom colored on the paper.'' said Sara
 When Sara got home her neighbor Mr.Kalely had just gotten home from work. He was a police officer. Sara said '' Hi, Officer Kalely, do you know any thing about the holly house murder case by any chance?'' '' That's none of you business. Stay out of it.'' He said. Sara could not stop thinking about it. She just had to find out what happed.
  That night Sara snuck out of her room she just had to find what happened. she went past the mail stop, and in to the open door of the police station. '' why is there door not locked hmmm. thought Sara she looked through police reports '' no.. no.. ewww.. no.. YES'' Sara yelled  The Holly House Murder Results........................... HOAX. The paper said it was a HOAX ''Ugh why at 2:30 in the morning is a case fake why. That makes me so mad. Well I'd  better go home.''Sara said.
                                                              THE END! 


  1. That is amazing, you have a real talent Isabelle!

  2. Thanks. You have a lot of talent in art.