Friday, February 21, 2014

My character sketch.(one of my school assigments)

My character sketch is about Priscilla the great.

    Priscilla is a ordinary teen girl,or is she? Priscilla has powers that make it so she can shoot fire out of her hand and she has super hearing. Her mom was a normal person once but got turned into a mutant. Her dad was a guard there and he set her free and the got married. Priscilla warmed up her bath as hot as she liked and  could warm up her food when it got cold.
   The only person she told at first was her best friend Taiana who tried to find a explanation but cant.
    When Priscilla finds out that her mom has powers too she is happy yet mad.She is mad because her mom has not been here for her when she she needs to be and her mom has not been working but saving other specimens from the experiment.
   Priscilla is kidnaped by the professer who changed her mom Priscilla is super strong too, when her dad tries to save her she kicks him in the leg and breaks his leg. She can read peoples minds, and has Telepathy. In the end Priscilla has to move and Specimen XI is out to get her.

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